Sep 17, 2016

Why can't I post video on Instagram & why does it keep disappearing?

Please guys help me to solve this's already 2 days that Instagram won't let me post video...just I can post photos...some people say that maybe I post so much in one day(My Instagram name is "Kstagramtime" and I post dramas) so I thought maybe I really did post much so I waited 24 hours just it still didn't let me post...and another one said that I have to wait 48 hours just after it too it didn't let me post...and know it's already more then 53 hours and I still can't post can you tell me why and what happened it's so frustrating if anyone can help me please tell me what to do or how much to wait(btw I already reported it like 10 times Instagram didn't do anything)πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜”
What error are you getting? Are you able to upload the video and then it disappears or it doesn't allow the upload at all?
Have you tried a different video file? does you video file consist of multiple clips or just one?
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