Sep 15, 2016

What is Google Now on Tap and how do I use it?

I was carrying my tablet with the screen on and accidentally opened Google Now on Tap, something I didn’t even know existed. I’m not even sure how I opened it, but I reflexively hit “dismiss” instead of “learn more,” so I didn’t find out how to use it. What is Google Now on Tap and how do I use it?
To turn on Now on Tap hold the Home button and you'll be prompted to turn the feature on.
After the feature is turned on from any screen you can hold the home button and you'll be provided with Now on Tap related information.
Now on Tap provides additional information such as on screen translation, info about the artist if a song is playing, info about the location or the object in your picture. If you are reading an article and it mentions a location or name, Now on Tap will give you additional info on those, such as the quick biography or recent news article of the mentioned person. Here's the info that Google provides on it
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