Sep 14, 2016

How to unlock Sprint HTC One M8 for use with GSM carrier?

i have sprint htc one m8 mobile i want unlock it to gsm carrier plz help. its not yet activated how to activate
You'll need to contact Sprint for an unlock code, which they can give if your account/phone is eligible. Here's a grood explanation I saw on tom's guide:

"Unlocking HTC One from Sprint
Sprint offers two ways to unlock your HTC One, namely:

Domestic SIM Unlock (DSU) – When your HTC One phone is unlocked for DSU, it can be used by the different carriers that are only domestic in US. No international SIM can be used in such situation.

International SIM Unlock (ISU) – ISU, on the other hand, allows your HTC One phone to work only with international wireless carriers (and not with domestic ones). You may want to go for ISU when you plan to stay out of the US for an extended time period.

Make sure to dial +1-(888)-226-7212 or visit in order to contact the Sprint customer support team, and place the unlock request and to get the unlock code.

Once the unlock request has been processed and approved, and you get a unique HTC One unlock code from Sprint, here is how you can unlock your phone for DSU or ISU:

1.Switch off your HTC One mobile phone.

2.Replace the Sprint SIM with the non-Sprint one.

3.Switch the phone back on.

4.After the phone boots, provide the unlock code when it prompts.

5.Tap OK to confirm and continue.

6.Start using your phone with the different carrier normally."
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