Sep 13, 2016

What new features does System Update 4.0 bring to PlayStation 4?

I’m guessing that since this is a major number update, 4.0 will contain some significant changes. What are the biggest changes with PS4 System Update 4.0?

[What's New]
Content info screens
The Share menu
Player profiles

You can now access various features more easily by using the quick menu that appears when you press and hold the PS button. Here are some of the things you can now do from the quick menu:
Create a party for players who are gaming with you, or send messages to them.
View trophies for the game you are currently playing.
Check if your Friends are online.
Start Share Play, or start a broadcast of your gameplay.
Control music playback.
Customize the quick menu by selecting which items are displayed. To choose items, select [Customize] from the quick menu.

You can now choose a cover image for your profile. On the profile screen, select(Options) > [Change Cover Image].

Create folders to arrange your games and applications. On the home screen, focus on a game or application, press the OPTIONS button and then select [Add to Folder].

You can now transfer all your games, saved data, captures, and settings from one PS4 to another. This is useful if you're replacing your PS4 with a new one. Select(Settings) > [System] > [Transfer Data from Another PS4].

In(Live from PlayStation), you can now let players know you like their screenshots and video clips by commenting on them or selecting(Like).

In(Messages), the number of messages that are saved has increased. Also, if you start messaging and then add more players to your group, those players will now be able to see the group's previous messages.

The following features have been added to (Trophies).
You can now see details for hidden trophies. Go to the details screen for a trophy, and then press the button.
You can now view trophies that are saved on your PS4, even if the PS4 has no network connection.
The rarity indication for trophies has been improved.

Privacy settings are now available for each of your games. You can hide your activities and trophies on a per-game basis. Select(Settings) > [PlayStation Network/Account Management] > [Privacy Settings] > [Sharing Your Experience] > [Hidden Games].

(Communities) is now displayed on the function screen. Also, the following Community features have been added:
You can now reply to original posts on the Community wall.
Use the Share menu to post screenshots directly to a Community wall. From the Share menu, select [Screenshot] > [Communities].

Some of the big features include:
An updated User Interface – More along the social media line, with activity feed, like button, ability to follow other player, etc.
High Dynamic Range (HDR) – for life like visual performance. Your TV will need to support the feature in order to utilize it.
Folders – you can organize your library and sort you content.
Quick menu – lets you switch between windows/apps and allows for some actions such as gameplay broadcasting.
There’s more, like 2 step verification for better security, transfer over LAN, and more….
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