Sep 10, 2016

What is DFU mode on an iPod and how do I contact Apple?

What is DFU mode and how to contact apple and I forgot my iPod Apple ID and password
Hi, Zhuma. In order of your questions:

1. DFU is Default Firmware Update on iOS. Basically it is a factory reset.
2. You can contact Apple by calling (800)-MyApple (800-692–7753).
3. You forgot BOTH your Apple ID and password!?! Well, hopefully you remember the email address that you used to create the account. Go to Apple's ID recovery and enter in your information to recover your ID.!&section=appleid

After you figure out your Apple ID, if you still can't remember your password, obviously you need to recover your password. Go to Apple's password recovery page with your newly recovered Apple ID and enter your information there to recover/reset the password.
If you've synced your device with iTunes, you can restore your device.
Connect your device to the computer you synced with.
Open iTunes. If asked for a passcode, try another computer you've synced with, or use recovery mode.
Wait for iTunes to sync your device and make a backup. If it doesn't, learn what to do.
Once the sync and backup have finished,click Restore [your device].
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