Sep 05, 2016

How do I get rid of pop-up ads?

There is unusual problem of having lots of ads and pop-ups on your screen. These pop-ups seriously create lost of problem. If you have these ads on your screen, you might have installed some unwanted programs or malware on your system. Hence, you should follow following measures in order to delete these annoying pop-ups from your system.

Always check for updates
Immediately reinstall your browser, or just install a new web browser.
Uninstall any unwanted toolbars from your browser.
Run registry cleaner to clean your malicious entries.
Just enable pop-up blocker in your installed web browsers
Run full antivirus scan.
Avoid visiting sites with lost of pop-ups.
Hence, if you follow these steps you can easily get rid of these ads and pop-ups from your system.
You can also visit this site:-
There are a few different solutions for different browsers. Since you didn't specify which browser you are using, I'll guess Chrome since it is most popular. Pop-up Blocker Pro is a good, free choice.

One thing to keep in mind while using any ad-blocker is that if you are blocking ads on a website that you visit, you are depriving that website of the revenue needed to keep the site up. If you enjoy and use a website, I believe that you should consider white-listing that site so that it can stay in business and continue to provide content.
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