Sep 05, 2016

Can company see that I'm using their internet?

Hi everyone,I am working nights in store but they working hours is 9am-7pm. I could not find wifi point, so i take my laptop and connected it by ethernet in one of sockets where other company computer was connected. Basicly i plugged out they cable and used mine with my laptop. So can they track it ore see that I've been using it ore see what I've been doing on it?
Hi, just ALWAYS use a vpn like hide my ass; this will prevent them seeing what websites you've been to and what mot. Change your MAC address every time you use it; this will make it where it doesn't trace to your device. Change your device name every time at work to something that has nothing to do with you to lead them to believe that it's a new device each time. If you're feeling extra paranoid do all of this in virtualization or a virtual box with the operating system of your choice. :)

Google and YouTube will help with how to do all of this.
i think yes they can look up if they want too. there are settings in router that can show all history . be aware
yes for sure if they want to . all details can be found with router or with computer too. be careful when you do that
Potentially yes, depending on the setup and tracking they company utilizes, they will be able to see what websites you visited and any other network related activities such as downloads and uploads. The reset depends on the company policies, and whether or not they monitor network traffic.
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