Aug 29, 2016

How to update AMD graphics card driver to make sure I have latest version?

I want to make sure that I have the most recent driver on my PC. What do I need to do?
It's a great idea to check and update your drives once in a while. Depending on the system you have you can utilize prebuilt software such as Lenovo ThinkVantage Update utility (many companies have something similar) which will scan your machine and present you with a list of drivers and utilities available for your computer.
AMD give you the auto scan option to detect what card you have and available drivers for it.
In general you can right click on The PC (Computer depending on the OS) click Manage. On the left side click on Device Manager. Locate your Graphics card Display adapters in there and double click on it.
The Driver tab will contain details on the currently installed version. Compare that to the latest available version on the AMD site, and reinstall if needed.
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