Aug 22, 2016

What does "used" on mean?

what does Used on mean?? i see it and dont know what it means. I have no record of making calls at the time it says.
It does not necessarily mean that you made a call. is a package that includes many applications that control many different things, from system time to system settings to the Bluetooth adapter. It also includes the software that controls the actual phone functions, but, as I said, it does not necessarily mean there was a call made.

Unfortunately, all I can tell you it means is that your phone was doing something at that point. It may have been updating...although I'm not sure if that would show up. It's nothing to worry about, though.

Anyway, to give you an idea of what includes you can look at its contents in this link. Note that this is pretty old so some things have changed, but fundamentally it's the same.
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