Aug 17, 2016

How to get Windows phone to work after automatic update to Windows 10?

I've got a windows. 8.1. Microsoft, phone. In automatically updated. To Windows 10 now. Nothing works on it. Any keeps updating the app. and when I try to open them it goes straight to the store

Windows 10 automatically updated on my luma. microsoft windows phone 8.1 Now, none of the apps work. Can I can't do nothing on it except for make calls and my network? Which is AT&T? Says its connected. but some of the apps in my mail says please connect to network
Ran into this article which may apply that report some of the issues that could happen with the update to windows 10 on you phone.
The suggestion for apps that are no longer working is to reinstall them.
It you'd like to go back to 8.1 instead try restoring from a backup if you have it, or you can use the Windows Device Recovery Tool to rollback to a previous version of the OS.
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