Aug 15, 2016

Is there any way you or or an app can unlock screen lock?

well i got send to jail n i for got my password of my phone by the time i got out so i had to buy a new on n now in trying to find a way to unlock my phone without deleting any of my contacts n information from the phone
So long as you remember your Google account username and password, you should be able to get back in. First I would check the Google account from another device, most of the stuff such as contacts should be synced with it. So even if you can't get back into the device and have to preform a factory reset, the info you have synced will be downloaded back onto the device from your Google account. If the Android OS is old (4.4 or older), you can enter your pin incorrectly 5 times and will get a prompt of Forgot password/pin. Once you click on it you'll need to enter in your Google account info to get in.
If your have a newer Android OS it's more complicated. If you have a Samsung device (also check this for other manufacturers) try the unlock screen function on the site below
You might have setup a backup/recovery you can use to unlock your phone. If you setup a smart lock feature that doesn't lock your phone on known wifi connections, you can go to that location and the screen should unlock.
You can takeout the sd card, and check it on another device or computer to see if your data was stored.
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