Aug 11, 2016

What are the advantages of a wired network over a wireless network?

I’m relocating my business to a new location, and will need to set up a new network. We currently have a wireless network, which has generally served up pretty well. We will probably have about 15-20 people in the new location. Since we are starting with a more or less blank slate, would there be any significant advantages to going with an wired ethernet network instead of a wireless network?
only thing i can think of the internet speed that you get better when you are wired
Considering a connection mode depends on the data exchange requirements. If you are using applications e.g erp or any other which is not based on http/s, or simply stating that if you are using any server on premises and applications which are pretty old then you might face connectivity issues. Further if your business needs more than average security on the network, and if you use a wireless network, then you might need to employ or outsource the security part. This might be expensive. To summarise, if you have aged apps running with data on premises and if you need more than average security, then wired with a domain envirónment would do. Contrary to this, if you are having your data on cloud say office360 and an erp which works on hosted enviorment, a wireless environment would be sufficient.
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