Aug 11, 2016

How to Reset Windows 7 Password of Dell Laptop?

I have old Dell laptop which is shipped with Windows 7. I didn't use the laptop for a while and now I am completed locked of the computer as I didn't know the password. I have a lot of important files on it so factory reset is not the option. please help
If you have previously created a recovery CD/USB, then you can use it to reset the password.
If not there's a number of ways you can reset the password.
How-to geek give a good walkthrough on using a Windows installation CD and command prompt.
There's also a large number of paid and free apps that you can use to reset the password (you'll usually need another computer to create a cd or usb recovery tool). I would recommend quickly looking through reviews for them to make sure it works as expected. Here's a list of a few of those apps:

You can also take out the hard drive from your laptop and connect it to another machine either directly or through an external connector. You can then access the data and copy it over. Once done you can reinstall Windows and copy it back.

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