Aug 07, 2016

What does mean?

I need help!!! What does mean??? My partner has them in his google activity but these calls arent showing up on our phone bill?? How is he sending these messages?? What makes this android.mms appear in the activity.

I am supposed to marring this guy but i dont think his being truthful when i asked him about and he has "no idea".

I really need help understanding whats happening here!!! Hangouts hadn'thadn't been set up either...
Is the time accurate
If you send or receive any multimedia messages over and android phone, is used to make it happen. It's just an Android package name, and it's one that you will find on every single Android device right out of the box. It does not indicate a phone call has been made or received, nor is there is any reason it would appear on a phone bill. It also does not require the use of Hangouts; as you know you can send messages without Hangouts.

Aside from are getting married and THIS is an issue? If you sufficient basis to be this suspicious, then that's not a great foundation for a lifetime together. If you just reacted with this level of concern because you saw something you didn't recognize, that's not so great either. Just sayin'......

Im still this comes up when he sends a general txt or mms? He sends heaps if txts a day...but only 4-5 a day are registering on Google activity?
And why wouldnt he being charged for these mms by phone company if its through the default message app?
So...if it says mms at 3.09am...does this mean he has received/sent a mms.
It's not the same as a record of texts, it's essentially how the app gets launched that handles messages. I'm not a developer, so I don't know exactly how the OS handles it, but keep in mind that apps often run in the background even when they aren't being actively used, and this is certainly true of messaging apps.

With respect to being charged for sending multimedia messages, as I said above, it doesn't really indicate that a message is being sent or received, it just means that the app is active.

Ok. Thankyou!
Yes it does mean that he has sent or received a Multimedia Message over text (MMS message) message at 3:09 AM, and that MMS message included pictures or video that were either recorded on his phone and were sent to another person, or on the phone of the person sending MMS messages to him. At 3:09 AM. I think you can connect those dots. Trust yourself and your intuition, there's a reason you are already suspicious. Good luck.
You wouldn't be seeing that activity at 3:09 AM unless MMS messages were being sent and/or received. The Android MMS application would not be showing this activity just by running in the background. It always runs in the background. You are seeing activity. Again, at 3:09 AM. When you're most likely asleep. I think you can connect those dots. There's a reason you're already suspicious, trust yourself.
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