Aug 06, 2016

How can I tell whether a website is down or if the problem is my internet connection?

You can ping the site. Considering win envirorment and example is if, then get into dos prompt by typing cmd and ping, you will get 3 lines of results. In the result if you get results like host not reachable, then the server of the site is down. If the server can be reached then the site is down. If the ping takes a long pause to give a negative result you net is down. You can try a couple of sites to ping and confirm.
You can also enter the URL at
Try going to a different site from the same computer, if it doesn't load the problem is local. Try going to the same site from a different device on the same network, if it work the problem is with your computer. Finally try going to the same site on another network like DD or Starbucks, if it work then the problem is with your network connection.
Check whether the networks shows any signal if so then it is not your internet problem
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