Jul 29, 2016

Can you retrieve text from a prepaid Android phone?

I have lost text and voice mails on my metropc phone. I have a regular lg and then a new stylo2 plus
There are a few ways you can try and get the data back. Check if MetroPCS stores and backsup messages. Try accessing your voicemail by calling the voicemail number, it could be that you just deleted a locally saved copy. If you've used some sort of backup, check if your messages were backed up to it. There's also recovery software tools available that you caoud try. Some are free, some aren't. I can't recommend any in particular as I haven't used them, but saw this on the web that might work http://www.transfer-motorola-recovery.com/how-to/how-to-recover-deleted-text-messages-from-lg.html.
One thing I would suggest is not sending any new texts for now as they can overwrite the data from the deletes ones.
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