Jul 28, 2016

How to Print Screen on a Mac?

I usually use a Windows computer, and if I need to take a screenshot I just hit the Print Screen key. What’s the equivalent of the Print Screen function on a Mac and how do I use it?
1 week ago
The simplest method to do Print Screen on your Mac is to use Command+Shift+3.

It will help you to take a screenshot of your entire screen. If you want to choose a specific part, press Command+Shift+4 instead of 3.

After that, there would be a selection box that allows you to move and choose area you want.

Find out further information about Print Screen on Mac here:

Courtesy of MacWorld:
"The basics of taking a Mac screenshot are very simple:

1. Hold Cmd + Shift, then press 4
2. Drag crosshairs across area of screen you want to screenshot
3. Screenshot appears on your desktop as a .png file, labelled as 'Screen Shot' [year]-[month]-[day] at [time]'

Holding down both Cmd (also known as the 'Apple key') and Shift, then pressing 3, will instantly grab a screen capture or screenshot of the entire Mac desktop, which will appear on the desktop as a .png image whose filename will begin with 'Screen shot' and the date and time. If you're using two screens with your Mac, two images will appear - one for each display.

(Would you prefer your screenshot as a JPG or other file format? You can drag the .png file into Photoshop, Preview or similar image viewing program, and then Save As with a different file type extension.)"
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