Jul 26, 2016

What causes hard drive thrashing and how to stop it?

I have an older desktop that has a hard drive that is constantly running very, very actively. It doesn’t sound like the classic “hard drive going bad” sounds, it sounds like thrashing. What causes hard drive thrashing and how do I stop it?
This may sometimes arise, when the hard drive is physically damaged. I suggest you to take out your hard drive and check it into another system. Notice, whether it is still producing the noise or not.
This could be caused by extensive usage of the drive by some app or process. Check the apps that are running, check startup items, page file. run a virus scan. You might want to look at system monitoring to see if you can trace what services/apps are using up the most recourses.

Another thought, the sound might be coming from the fans, not necessarily the drive. Or the air flow within the case causes the temperature spike. If the fans are dirty try blowing them out with compressed air.

If those don't fix the problem, please provide additional info, what OS you're running, does this happen continuously or at a particular task like startup. Also try booting into safe mode and see if the same behavior persists.
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