Jul 20, 2016

Is it possible to run Windows software on a Chromebook?

I know that Chromebooks aren’t exactly powerhouses and that alone presents a problem, but is there a way to run at least some Windows software on a Chromebook?
There is, but it hasn't been released yet. Essentially there is a version of Wine for Chromebook called Crossover for Android. It was developed to allow some Windows applications to run on Android, but with the new crossover capability that Google is introducing to allow (some) Chromebooks to run Android apps, it can now be used on those same Chromebooks. So far, it is limited to the Pixel and Acer Chromebook R11.

From a PC World article on this topic:
"CrossOver for Android isn’t actually out yet, but stable Android application support for Chromebooks isn’t out yet, either. When it is, CrossOver will be there with a way to run Windows software directly on Chrome OS. This isn’t a perfect way to run all Windows software, but it's a way to run a lot of software, and new features like DirectX 11 support are being worked on."
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