Jul 15, 2016

What is a good alternative to Evernote?

Since Evernote has changed its free service to limit use to 2 devices, Evernote is just not a viable option for me on so few devices. What are some good alternatives to Evernote?
2 days ago
yes i agree with sveta , one note is a comprehensive and best tool that can work just like every note and somethings are even better than ever note . hope this will help
I like OneNote which is part of the Microsoft Office suite. It give you option to keep separate notebooks and sync them on any devices that you login to using you Microsoft account. You can get OneNote free even if you don't have MS Office. Feature vise OneNote is very similar to Evernote. There's also Simplenote which is very simple note keeping app. Google Keep has more features and allows to keep text, images, audio notes and share them with others. It give you a stream of your notes, but can't organize and separate notes into notebooks. Quip is centered around document and note sharing and is good for calibration with teams.
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