Jul 13, 2016

What is Google’s TensorFlow and how is it used in AI?

TensorFlow is apparently an important development in AI, but as a layperson, I don’t really understand why it is important. What does TensorFlow do, and how does it impact AI?
I saw a good explanation on Reddit by Redditor JustMeSR:

"It's a library. Think of it as a pre-made tool for working on something (in this case AI). Just like when you want to repair something you don't start by creating your own screwdrivers, hammers, etc. You use the ones available. (Tenserflow represents the tools in this example).

As for AI. It's just a subset of CS that uses graphs, statistics and probability to get some results. It "learns" by getting examples of right results. (Let's say you want computer to "learn" to predict which team wins a certain match. You start by giving it previous matches, info about them and the result -> who won. After giving it info about any match it will be able to predict who won based on what it "learned" from your examples).

Some examples of where AI is used are: self-driving cars, recommendations, figuring out what is on image, voice recognition, translation, autocomplete keyboards, playing games, coloring colorless images, spam filtering..."
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