Jul 10, 2016

How to add USB key to Google account?

How do I add a USB key for added security to my Google account?
Here are the steps from Google on adding a USB key for the 2-step verification.

"Before you can use your Security Key, you’ll have to register it to your Google Account so that you can use it to sign in on any computer.

Go to the Add a Security Key page section of My Account.
If your Security Key is already inserted, remove it.
Click on the Register button.
Insert your Security Key into a USB port on your computer.
Complete your registration using the instructions for the type of Security Key you have:
If your Security Key has a button
After inserting, you should see a blinking light. Lightly tap the blinking circle
You’ll see a green checkmark to confirm
If your Security Key doesn't have a button
This Security Key turns off after each use. Please remove and reinsert the Security Key each time you need to use it.
You’ll see a green checkmark to confirm
Click Done."
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