Jul 09, 2016

Do I need any anti-virus or security programs other than Microsoft Security Essentials on Windows 7?

I have Panda and C Cleaner installed and when I first turn on my computer something is running in the background for several minutes
Thank you for the information. I am going to leave my 3rd party antivirus programs as a safety precaution. I went to msconfig as you suggested and check the box normal startup .
Generally speaking, yes you should have a 3ed party antivirus on top of the Windows built in software. In this particular case I would check the startup items to see what's apps are loading in the background at startup. To check click the Windows button and click run. Type in msconfig and click enter. Go into the startup tab and take a look. Be very carful not to turn off any Windows and PC component processes or you might run into problems with your computer bootup. If you're not sure what the service/app does you can Google the name and read who created it and whether you need it. If you make any changes you'll need to reboot. Hope this helps.
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