Jul 06, 2016

What are com.android.MMS and callui in my activity history?

Com.android.MMS and callui are in my activity history. I've done nothing wrong why does it show this? omg I'm being blamed for sending MMS to other guys and I have not .please help
I need help understanding com.android.mms too....
Where are the message being sent from? Email, facebook? A downloaded txt app?? Does it register outgoing and incoming??
These are just package names that are used in the normal function of an Android phone. One of these, callui, is the interface for the dialer that you use to make and receive phone calls. Think about it, the name makes sense: call user interface.

The other package, com.android.mms, is used by messaging apps. It is related to MMS messages, but I think both incoming and outgoing messages thread through the package. I'm not certain if it does this with ALL messages to determine whether there is an attached MMS, but it might. It does not indicate that you are sending videos to people (or that you are not, to be fair). This is not an app per se, it is a built-in package necessary to make your phone function as intended.

I would be more concerned about someone looking through your device history, not knowing what they are looking at, and then accusing you of doing something wrong because of their own ignorance. That is unacceptable behavior, in my opinion, and not something a reasonable person should have to tolerate.
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