Dec 06, 2011

Key talking points when pitching mobile security initiatives to management?

What are the key things to put into my preso when pitching a new mobile management solution to my  manager? 

This solution provides visibility and control over mobile devices, and is offered through a single, easy-to-use console. It also provides comprehensive over-the-air (OTA) asset, configuration and policy management for smartphones and tablets.
1. Secure, over-the-air (OTA) device registration from anywhere
2. Instant, zero-touch, configuration of mobile devices
3. Configuration and policy updates directly from the cloud
4. Simple, self-registration and provisioning of corporate and employee devices
5 .Intuitive, GUI-driven device and policy configuration
6.Real-time visibility into devices, applications and configuration
7. Robust asset tracking and remote troubleshooting tools
8. Remote commands: query, send message, lock, clear passcode, unregister and wipe
9. Support for iOS Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Supervised mode
At Comodo, we believe that all employees should have appropriate access to the corporate resources while using devices such as smartphones, tablets and more.
You can get it from: https://dm.comodo.com

Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) offers end -to-end security, enterprise grade architecture, world class service and support across major mobile platforms available. It addresses every facet of the need, for mobile device configuration at present and provides a framework for meeting future needs with most advanced technology. This MDM tool helps in securing propriety data on devices and reducing the device configuration cost without losing mobility of devices

I think the talking points would differ, depending on who the manager is and what his or her level of technical expertise is related to mobile security.

You might want to browse this wiki page, along with the additional resources at the bottom to glean some ideas for what topics to cover with management though. It might help you develop a document that you can present that would help educate your management team.

Mobile Device Security
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