Jul 04, 2016

I have a hard drive from a bricked PS4, how can I link/add it to my working PS4?

I have a PS4 that spazzed out but the hard drive is still okay. Is there a way to hook it up to my working PS4 to retrieve stuff?
You can use the HDD from the bricked PS4 as a replacement hard drive, but there is no way to transfer the data that is on it from the original/bricked PS4. A key is generated that locks the HDD to a particular PS4, so you can't just swap it out with a different PS4 and have access to all the games. You can see why Sony would want to limit access to games to the console the hard drive is paired with...otherwise, I could just give a friend my old hard drive to take home and put in their PS4 and they could play hundreds of dollars worth of my games without buying them.

You can still use the old HDD, of course, but it will be reformated when you install it in another PS4 and you cannot access the old data.
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