Jun 26, 2016

Netgear D6000 login page is blank and cannot be displayed?

I have conected to the internet but cant conect to or www.routerlogin.net.

I have already Reset the router two times but nothing have changed.
Try clearing the browser cache, and releasing/renewing your ip address. Also check if your popup blocker is on, this can cause the blank page. Have you tried connecting from a different device (if you have one available), this will point you to weither the problem is with the settings on you computer or the router.
hi thank you for your comment, I have tried also clearing cache and renewing ip address, try on the other device. Even on netgear genie application I m not able to login to router.
Have you done a reset to factory settings? (Not just a reboot) if so I would check with Netgear support next.
Hi again,
yes I also have done reset to factory setting by holding a nail clipper for 8 second on reset buttom
Yes I have done reset to factory settings too
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