Jun 22, 2016

Is it necessary to install both TOR and a VPN to protect your privacy?

Is it necessary to install both TOR and VPN 4 ur privacy? I was under the impression that it was either or,was i misinformed? I'm refering to the Keeping big brother or any1 else from getting in2 my business with the Congress approved CISA ACT
Don't put blind faith in TOR. There are ways to use exploits to find the IP address of a computer on the TOR network. You might want to read this article on Ars Technica: http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/06/fbis-use-of-tor-exploit-is-like-peering-through-broken-blinds/
You should use both if you are really concerned about anonymity. Using a VPN will conceal the fact that you are using TOR from your ISP, so there won't be logs showing you were on TOR. Some VPNs also keep logs, so you should do a little research and make sure to choose one that doesn't.

Also, if you are concerned about Big Brother, you should make sure that you choose a VPN that is NOT in the US. Otherwise, all those surveillance laws apply to the VPN and they are subject to subpoenas and National Security Letters just like any other business.
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