Jun 22, 2016

How to fix “WiFi not configured” error on MacBook?

I couldn’t connect to a network and there was an “X” on my WiFi icon. When I clicked on the WiFi icon, I got a WiFi not configured error message. How do I fix this?
check the connection from the wireless router
you may have to ckeck the wireless settings . seems like you are getting lot of issues now these days . asked many question on it . i don't understand how you can have all problems at a same time .
Most likely the wireless adapter is disabled. Go into System Preferences > Network. On the left select the Wi-Fi adapter. Click the gear icon at the bottom select Make Service Active and click Apply.

If this doesn't help the try resetting the NVRAM (PRAM). Turn off your computer, turn it on and immediately hold down Command+Option+P+R key combination. Hold it for a minute until you computer gives of a boot up sound a couple of times. The release the keys and let your mac boot back up.

Lastly if that doesn't resolve the issue it's likely a hardware problem with the Wi-Fi card. Bring your laptop to an apple store for them to take a look.
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