Jun 22, 2016

Could someone be tracking my phone?

I feel like someone is tracking my phone,I simply go to work come home and occasionally go to run. Can it be because I was just released from jail? I had 6 charges but it went down to 1,and that's because I didn't have enough money to pay for a lawyer,and I really didn't want to stay in there.
You remove the account from the phone and you're still able to access your old account? You're doing something wrong.

You can access Google Photos only if you are logged in into your account.

You can reset your phone (factory reset) then create another Google account. In this way your images (from the old account) will not be synced.
I have a galaxy s6 edge
Because my pictures were erased from my phone, and everytime I remove my account from my phone the next day they are active and sync
Which kind of smartphone do you have? Do you have any bloatware installed on it? As you probably know, on Android especially you can be exposed on a lot of malware tactics which slows down your smartphone. Why do you think the phone is tracked?
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