Jun 17, 2016

How to pen test a WEP protected network?

One of my friends owns a small business, and when I was there and signing into her network I noticed it only had WEP security. I mentioned it to her and suggested that she enable WPA2, but she didn’t see the need since the network is already secured. I’d like to show her that WEP is not adequate, but I don’t really know how. What does it take to crack WEP security on a WiFi network?
Unfortunately WEP is very easy to crack. It would take you under 5 minutes to get the password. WPA is still crack able but is tougher and take longer to do. I've used a software in the past to prove it to my parents, which took the time of installing and running it, unfortunately I don't remember the name. Ran across an article from lifehacker who uses BackTrack for the demonstration. Take a look.http://lifehacker.com/5305094/how-to-crack-a-wi-fi-networks-wep-password-with-backtrack
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