Jun 14, 2016

How does Samsung’s $100 Gear VR differ from HTC’s $800 Vive VR?

There is a huge difference in price between these VR headsets, but how much does the experience differ? I understand that Gear VR requires a pretty high end smartphone, but Vive requires a pretty high end PC, but I wouldn't think that would account for a $700 price difference?
Gear VR doesn't have positional head tracking like the Vive (that's why you have to put two separate towers in rooms where you use a Vive, to provide fixed reference points in space).

Gear VR doesn't have the power to render graphics the way Vive does. This is especially true if you think about most of the people who are willing to spend $800 on a Vive. Dollars to donuts they have a pretty killer PC with an excellent and expensive graphics card. Gear VR has a Samsung Galaxy. Not really comparable, and as a result the refresh rate is better on the Vive.

Vive VR also has twin motion controllers, which is two more then Gear VR. This is a significant factor in how immersive the experience is, and is probably responsible for $150-200 of the price difference.

You can find a table with all the specs of Gear, Vive, and Oculus Rift in this article from Android Central:
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