May 13, 2011

Can I replace my regular hard drive with an SSD?


Yes you can use replaces it from your SDD but it may be corrupt or it's corrupted chances strongly increase.


Of course, and many SSDs are plug-and-play replacements for mechanical drives. Laptops with SSDs boot in four to six seconds, and their lighter weight and lower power requirements work well in mobile devices. SSD models in most sizes are available for almost all hard drive interfaces still in use today. Hard core gamers use SSDs to make their games run as fast as possible.


Many servers now include an SSD boot drive, often of just 16GBs, to hold the operating system boot files only. All other data is stored on less expensive mechanical drives. One smart way to extend the life of a server today is to replace a mechanical drive with an SSD, then configure that drive to handle the data used most often. The speed increase of the SSD will make the overall server performance better, postponing the investment in a new server.

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