Jun 10, 2016

What’s the difference between Word documents saved in .doc and .docx format?

I realize that docx. Is a newer Word format, but it seems pretty much interchangeable with .doc format. When opening a .doc format document in newer versions of Word, formatting stays as it should without the unwanted changes that usually occurs when converting documents from other formats. So what’s the difference between .doc and .docx?
A .docx file is a Microsoft Word XML Format Document file, a kind of Microsoft Word document.
You are correct docx is the newer format that Microsoft released as a default format stating with MS Word 2007. The format is not backwards comparable, so you can open .doc in newer versions of Word but you can't open .docx in word 2003 and older without an additional plugin.
While doc was a Microsoft proprietary format, meaning that other applications couldn't open it without a converter or a plugin, docx is an XML based format that is open platform and can be used as a common format with other Office suits such as Google Docs.
Docx is much more compact resulting in a smaller file size, and has a number of additional feature that are possible due to the XML based format, which were not possible in doc format.
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