Jun 07, 2016

Has Microsoft become a malware company with Windows 10?

I’ve had nothing nag me the way Microsoft does with their push for me to upgrade to Windows 10. The funny thing is that I have upgraded to Windows 10 except for one old PC that would almost certainly not run it well. I’ve even read about Windows 10 forced upgrades being foisted on people that didn’t want it and causing serious problem. At this point, has Microsoft crossed the line with their push to upgrade to Windows 10 and become the largest, most profitable purveyor of malware in the world?
Arguably, yes. I don't know of anyone who is happy about MS's very aggressive efforts to force people to upgrade to Windows 10. The company has even resorted to some classic malware tricks, like making what would normally decline an upgrade (clicking on the "x" in the dialog box) instead initiate it. The decision to make Windows 10 a temporarily free has caused MS to act like a mobile game company pushing free-to-play apps that is constantly nagging users.

It's not just me, either. There was an article on Computerworld that goes off on MS for their recent behavior. The money quote:

"The Windows 10 upgrade downloads its bits to your PC without your knowledge. It changes your computer’s configuration. By default, Windows 10 collects advertising data and personal information. And if you try to stop the upgrade by doing what Microsoft tells you to do with every other application — click the X on its dialog box — it installs anyway.

Sounds like malware to me, malware that forces a Windows 10 upgrade."
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