May 27, 2016

How to fix "no apps can perform this action" error on Android phone?

Hi guys need help to fix my Android phone. When i try to ON my phone it only shows phone has stopped and NO APPS CAN PERFORM THIS ACTION. And stays there nothing is happening to my phone.

My phone encounter a virus then i go to its boot menu/ wipe data/restore factory settings. And i also wipe cache and partition.
Solution -1

-On Your Phone Home Screen, Tap the Menu Key.

-Then Tap Settings.

-Then Tap Call Settings (aka call, Phone, or Phone Settings).

-Tap Reject With Message (aka Ignore With Message).

Now check that how many default messages are there on this list. If you have more than 5, Then delete some messages until you have left with less then 5.


– On the Home Screen of your phone, Press Menu

– Now Tap Settings

– Now Tap Applications

– Tap Manage Applications

– Now at the Top, Tap the All tab

– Now Navigate to and tap your equivalent of the phone app (may be called phone or dialer)

– Tap Clear Cache and Clear Data as available

– Now Turn Your Phone off, then back on.

Now check that the problem still exists. If yes, then in addition to clear the cache from phone app clear cache & data for contacts. Also, try to force close the following applications under running services.

– Google Service Framework

– Contacts

– Gmail

– Calendar

– All other mail & social media services (like facebook etc.)

This error is because of sync problem with Google services like Mail, Contacts, Calender etc. These solutions are a common fix before doing the factory reset. (Before doing factory reset read the other solution and decide that you are ready for factory reset.)

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