May 27, 2016

Where can I find interesting VR videos to watch with Google Cardboard VR?

I bought a $15 Cardboard attachment for my Motorola android phone, and it is pretty neat. Considering the price, it’s amazing, really. I’ve used the Cardboard app and found a couple of good apps on Play, but I’d like to check out more VR videos where you can see all around the scene. Any good sources for VR videos?
I second the ITNJ guy. The single biggest collection of 360 and VR videos is on YouTube. YouTube even has a convenient "360" filter to help you find them.

360 degree videos, by the way, if you haven't seen them yet, are kind of like standing in the middle of a planetarium, with the video projected all around you.

VR videos are those same videos projected all around you -- but in 3D. Depending on your phone, and the quality of the video, you may or may not see the difference, but given the choice, go for the VR option. It makes you feel more like you're really there.
Search for "360" in YouTube.
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