May 27, 2016

How to keep data on a USB flash drive secure?

What can I do to keep the data on a USB drive secure if I lose it? Is there a way to password protect it or lock it so anyone that finds it can’t just see everything on the drive?
Hello Fyodorstop,

For exactly this kind of situations there are USB encryption tools, like EasyLock, which is password protected and it creates a container for your sensitive data, which no one can access without the password.
It works on Windows and Macs. (
While you can buy an encrypted flash drive or use a 3ed party tool, most of the recent PC and Apple OS's have a built in tool that will encrypt your thumb drive.
On a PC you can right click on the usb drive in explorer under my PC, and select Turn On BitLocker. The follow the on screen prompts.
On a Mac you can right click on the mounted USB drive and select Encrypt, then follow the prompts.
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