May 25, 2016

What can I do when my Apple Pencil doesn’t work properly?

How can I get an Apple Pencil that loses sync with iPad Pro to work properly?

Normally we fail to remember that Apple Pencil is a digital device and it requires frequent charging. So please check whether the Pencil is fully charged before you use. While the Pencil is connected with iPad Pro via Bluetooth, swipe down the Notification Center and check the battery status on Apple Pencil. If the battery is low, simply plug your Apple Pencil into the lightning port on your iPad Pro to charge.


Reboot is for all. It is one of the old fashioned ways to solve all problems. So just go for turning your iPad on and off or you can go for hard reset. This should solve the issue of Apple Pencil not working.


Check the Bluetooth connection of your Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro.

Step #1. Open Settings app on iPad.

Step #2. Tap on Bluetooth

Step #3. Check Apple Pencil under My Devices.


Step #1. Swipe down Notification Centre.

Step #2. Check Apple Pencil under Batteries.

If you don’t notice Apple Pencil, you can

How to Pair Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

Step #1. Take the Cap off the back of Apple Pencil.

Step #2. Connect the lightning connector of Apple Pencil with the lightning port of iPad.

A dialog box appears on the screen of iPad Pro.

Step #3. Tap on Pair to connect the Pencil with iPad Pro.

Note that you can pair only one Apple Pencil with your iPad Pro.

How to Unpair Apple Pencil from iPad Pro

If you pair up your Apple Pencil with another iPad Pro, it will be unpaired from the existing iPad; on a lighter note, it is more like human relations, wherein if one partner turns infidel, the relationship automatically ends.

If you want to unpair Apple Pencil manually from iPad, read following steps.

Step #1. Open Settings app on your iPad Pro.

Step #2. Tap on Bluetooth.

Step #3. Tap on (i) button, which is on the right side of Apple Pencil under My Devices.

Step #4. Now tap on Forget.

How to Check Apple Pencil Battery Level

Apple Pencil doesn’t have any indicator that signals low or full battery level; for censorious users, this can be a fodder to criticize this product for its noticeable shortcoming. But that is that; we can’t help. However, we can check the battery level with the help of iPad Pro.

Step #1. On the Home screen of your iPad Pro, swipe down from top to bring down Notification Center.

Step #2. Tap on Widgets.

You can see battery level of Pencil from the battery sections on the right side.

How to Charge Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

Once you know the battery level of your Pencil, you can now charge the Pencil with your iPad Pro or with the help of lightning adapter.

Step #1. Take off Apple Pencil’s cap.

Step #2. Tuck Pencil’s lightning connector in iPad Pro’s lightning port.

This is how you can charge your Pencil during emergency. However, it is advisable to charge the Pencil overnight with the help of lightning adapter. To charge the Pencil, remove its cap as mentioned above.

Step #1. Now tuck your Pencil’s lightning connector in lightning adapter.

Step #2. Plug the lightning adapter in lightning cable.

A 15-minute charge can give you 30 minutes of usage of Pencil.


Before you take your Apple Pencil to the brand’s store, take a last chance of checking that digital device.

Tap on any icon from the Home screen. If the app opens, your iPad Pro is receptive to your Apple Pencil. Since Apple Pencil is not capacitive, it doesn’t work like your finger. Choose an app that requires support of Apple Pencil.


As a last resort, you can go to AppleCare.

Try charging it, also try to unsync and pair the Pencil with your iPad again. If that doesn't work Contact Apple Support.
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