May 23, 2016

How can Google use a “trust score” to replace passwords without compromising security?

One of the more interesting things I heard from Google I/O was that the company is looking to replace passwords with something called a trust score. I’m all for not having to use passwords, but how can a trust score be used to replace passwords?
The idea of trust score is it will use a number of different recognition metrics such as your location, typing pattern, voice and face recognition, etc... to make sure you are you. Companies in turn can specify how much, or how little of the security recognition points they need to bypass the password. So say, a banking app might require more proof then a social media site. If it works properly, it should be much more secure and harder to fake acting, looking, sounding like yourself and crack a password. Mainly because of the amount of authentication points that have to line up together, rather then a standard one ore 2 factor authentication.
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