May 23, 2016

How to import a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to Google Sheets?

Can I import an Excel spreadsheet into Google Sheets?
To import a spreadsheet, select File > Import.

Choose the file you'd like to upload, and select one available import options below. Note: Not all file types will have all six options.
•Create new spreadsheet: This option creates a new Google spreadsheet from your imported file in a new browser tab.
•Insert new sheet(s): This option adds new sheets to your existing spreadsheet containing the data in your imported file.
•Replace spreadsheet: This option replaces your existing spreadsheet with the data in your imported file.
•Replace current sheet: This option replaces the current sheet with the imported data. Formatting and data previously on this sheet is replaced.
•Append rows to current sheet: This option adds the imported data to the row after the last row with any data in it on your current sheet. Your existing data will remain intact.
•Replace data starting at selected cell: This option pastes the imported data in a range of cells you have selected. It will replace any data that was previously on the sheet where the imported data has been pasted, but preserves existing data everywhere else.
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