May 18, 2016

How to format USB drive with Windows 10?

How do I format a USB drive in Windows 10?
A simple and free way to format your drive in Windows 10 is using Disk Management,open the tool.Right click the drive you want to format and then choose Format. Set file system and cluster size in the pop-up window, and then click OK.The above method is easy. But it has some limitations. Windows 10 Disk Management only support to format a USB drive which is smaller than 32GB .If you format flash drive which is larger than 32GB ,you can try EaseUS partition tool to do the USB formatting job.
Connect the USB drive and navigate to This PC in File Explorer. Right Click on the drive and select Format. Choose the File System you’d like to format, adjust the Volume Label if you’d like and click Start, then OK.

You can also format drives using the command prompt or PowerShell. Take a look at the link below for instructions.
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