May 13, 2016

Eudora - Unable to send mails out.

I have been using Eudora for over 25 years and till yesterday there was no problem. Now I receive mails but no outgoing. This is what I get when I try to send out mails.

Can't send to" The server gives this reason 554 5.7.1
Please see
Hi, Thanks. I checked my IP and it is not blocked. I have two ways to send out mails.
1. I use Eudora pop3 email client and it is here that I am unable to send out mails since 3 days.
2. I use webmail with the same email account and the mails go out without issues.

When I use pop mail Eudora, the outgoing mail fails and I get the following error report.
Can't send to" The server gives this reason 554 5.7.1
Please see

I shall be thankful for your help. I checked the smtp settings and also checked it with my service provider and everything is in order. Only no outgoing mails.
From what I've read many see this error if the require authentication option is not checked. Also have you tried resetting up the account in Eudora or trying it from a different machine?
This could indicate a number of things. Are you getting this error when sending out mail to a specific domain? If so your IP could have been blocked. Your address could have been specified as spam which can happen if you send a lot of email blasts. Do you get any additional details on the error message?
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