May 11, 2016

How to Recover Data from Raid Server?

Hello Guys,

Is there a way to recover data from failed raid server drive? I have lost my data from RAID 5 which holds 6 drives in it. Out of the 6 drives only 1 drive become inaccessible and I want to recover my data from that one.

You want to recover your RAID 5 data which is spanned across all six drives. It is unfortunately not as simple as recovering the one failed drive and you get your data back. You would need to replace the failed drive with a new one and rebuild the array. If that doesn't work please let me know.

Andrea Stone
RAID Engineer
ReWave Data Recovery
Hi Adin,

Have you recovered your data or still facing the same issue? I had also faced the same issue few days back but able to recover it with the help of 'Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery - Technician'. It really works great. You can also try it...Hope it will work for you also..

Good Luck!!!!
I'm calling BS on the above post. The only thing Stellar is "Stellar" at is spamming the web trying to trick people into buying their garbage software.

Trust me, no one is using Stellar to recover RAID arrays. You'd be much better off with a program like R-Studio from R-TT, which is actually useful for RAID recovery.
This comment is just spam from Stellar Phoenix. They've posted the exact same thing on my data recovery forum and others. Their software is junk in my opinion too.
If only one drive failed you should be able to rebuild the RAID without data loss from the other drives. You'll need to replace the drive / allocate at least the same amount of storage. Take a look at the link below for steps
Hi Sveta, thanks for giving fast reply....I'll go through the blog and try the mentioned fixes. If it doesn't help me then I'll come back to you...
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