May 03, 2016

Which printers support Google Cloud Print?

I use a Chromebook much more than my Windows laptop these days, but printing with the Chromebook is a headache. To print something from my Chromebook, I have to go get my Windows laptop, start it up, let all of the updates install, open the Chrome browser, go back to my Chromebook, and only then can I print...maybe. Even then it doesn’t always work. I’d like to get a Google Cloud Print compatible printer and avoid all of this. How can I find out which printers support Google Cloud Print?
Apart from the list that Sveta posted, if you are at a store, you should be able to identify the Google Cloud Print compatible printers by the Google Cloud Print stamp/sticker on the box.

Link to the sticker image:
Google has a list of supported Cloud Printer manufacturers and models
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