Apr 27, 2016

Where is Amazon’s same-day delivery available?

I know Amazon’s same day delivery isn’t available everywhere, but I’m not sure where it is available. Is there a list of places where Amazon offers same-day delivery?
According to Amazon:

"Same-Day Delivery is available in the following cities and their surrounding metro areas: Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas / Ft. Worth, Fresno, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Louisville, Milwaukee, Nashville, New York City, North & Central New Jersey, Orlando, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Raleigh, Richmond, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco Bay Area, Seattle / Tacoma, Stockton, Tampa Bay Area, Tucson, and Washington, D.C."

Amazon also has a tool where you can enter your zip code to make sure it is in the eligible area: https://www.amazon.com/b/ref=psdd_help?ie=UTF8&node=8729023011
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