Apr 22, 2016

Does it make sense to use a VPN for everyday Web browsing?

Opera has released a new browser that includes a VPN. It’s great that users can have this option, but is it overkill? Is a VPN really worth it for the average user?
I use a VPN whenever I'm online at home. Is it really necessary? Probably not, but I'd rather err on the side of caution. Occasionally I run across a website that blocks VPNs, bit that's pretty rare (unless you are using Netflix and trying to access it using a VPN).

One thing to consider is how often you will use a VPN. If it is just occasionally, you can usually get satisfactory performance from a free VPN service. If you use it regularly, it's probably worth paying for. Companies usually offer both, and much of the time there is little to no speed penalty for using the free service. However, during periods of heavy traffic they will prioritize paid users and you can see significant slowdown. I'm not sure about the performance of Opera's VPN, so this is just a general observation and not specific to Opera.

If you are concerned about privacy/ security then using vpn is a good idea, especially if you are using unsecure public networks. VPN needs to be setup and configured, and generally a lot of people choose not to utilize it, unless mandated by their company or university.
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