Apr 19, 2016

What’s the best rugged smartphone for outdoor jobsite use?

I have a project coming up where I’m going to be in the field for a few months at a construction project. This is a new experience for me, there will be a lot of phone conferences on a daily basis and the phone has to work. I’m not sure my current Motorola phone is up to potentially being exposed to the elements day after day. If we were to purchase new Android smartphones for the field staff on this project (my office is all Android, so iPhones aren’t an option), what would be the most robust and durable option?
Believe it or not CAT (the company that makes the yellow heavy equipment...bulldozers, graders, etc.) has a line of durable smartphones built for worksite use. They meet Mil-spec standards, so it actually isn't just marketing; these are durable devices. It might be worth a look: http://www.catphones.com/en-us

Personally, I'd probably just get an Otterbox. That way you don't have to purchase new hardware, so it's cheaper, and it will probably provide adequate protection for all but the harshest use. https://www.otterbox.com/
Take a look at the Samsung Galaxy active line which are water/dust resistant, and somewhat shock resistant. If you're looking for something even more rugged take I would look at Kyocera Brigadier and Sonim XP7.
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