Apr 15, 2016

How to backup PS4 games and data to external drive?

I was thinking of getting a larger HDD for my PS4 and I would really like to avoid downloading 300GB of games again. Backing everything up to an external drive, then moving all of the data back to the new HDD seems like the way to go. How do I backup all of the installed games and saved data on my PS4 to an external drive?
1. Connect the USB storage device to the PS4.
2. Go to Settings > System > Back up and Restore .
3. Select "Back Up PS4".
4. Add a check in the checkbox to save Applications.
5. The PS4 will now restart and start the data transfer. Go do something useful for the next few hours (or many hours if you have a full HDD).

Note: You have to use the same PSN account that you used when you copied your PS4's data.
Having recently replaced the drive on my PS4, backing up to an external HDD really made getting everything back on the new drive much easier and faster than downloading everything again. Keep in mind a couple things though: First, it takes a pretty long time to copy 300GB of data (twice, actually, since you are going to copy it back to the new drive) and second, some people mistakenly think you can play games directly from the external backup drive. You can't.

Good luck on your HDD replacement. It's straightforward and you'll enjoy your PS4 much more when you aren't constantly searching for things to uninstall to make room for new games.
Format the external drive under exFAT or FAT32. Connect it to the PS4. Go to Settings > System > Back up and Restore > Back Up PS4 and follow the prompts.

Here you can find a walkthrough on the whole process including instructions on the drive replacement. http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/196357-how-to-back-up-and-upgrade-your-ps4s-hard-drive
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