Apr 11, 2016

Is it possible to change the MAC address of a mobile to use wifi that detect MAC address to connect?

In my college, we register our mac Id for wifi, and when we connect using that ID we get wifi. I registered my laptop's mac Id to get wifi to my laptop.Can I change my mac ID in my mobile to use this wifi in my mobile?
It sounds like your laptop's MAC address is whitelisted. I'm surprised that your college won't allow cellular devices to connect to their WiFi network.

MAC addresses are stored in firmware, so it's not something you can easily change. In fact, it's not something that is meant to be changed at all. That's not to say you absolutely can't do it. First of all, you need to jailbreak your iPhone, which will void your warranty. Also, keep in mind that changing your MAC address can cause problems including breaking applications and potentially bricking your iPhone. Note that people who have iOS 9 are reportedly unable to spoof the MAC address.

I would not recommend trying it personally.
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